From Bop, For Bop: China’s “Power Solution”

SAGE Business Cases (In Press)

Abstract: A young Chinese woman with a bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) background has developed a small company that delivers solar lighting solutions to a social enterprise for BOP consumers in off-grid regions worldwide. Under the leadership of Li Xia (founder and CEO), Power-Solution has exported products to 63 countries and benefited over 3 million households in Africa. Power-Solution currently stands at a critical point in its transformation from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to a brand owner that fights global poverty with diversified Pay as You Go (PAYGO) products and services. Li must decide the next stage of the company, whether she can follow her social ambitions while sustaining financial viability.

Impact Investment as An Entrepreneurial Process: Linking Measurement to Value Creation

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research Proceedings (In Press)

Abstract: The emergence of impact investing over the past decade has been accompanied by increased interest in impact measurement to understand both social and financial return. Most literature takes a calculative perspective and focuses on impact measurement as a tool to assess past activities or prediction guidance for future investment decisions. However, we argue that innovations in impact assessment do not merely alter the rating methods or models used to assess entrepreneurial performance, but entail an entirely different set of epistemological assumptions about the calculability and predictability of the future, representing a fundamental paradigm shift.

Conference Presentations

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“How to re-purpose historical buildings to maximise their social value ” Johns Hopkins Symposium on Urban Grand Challenge. Baltimore, US. 22-24 Apr, 2019

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